18 AugLSAT – Your Essential Guide

Tests and exams are the last thing that most people want to hear but when it comes to certain careers like medical nursing or being a lawyer, it’s mandatory to take a standard test. These tests are put in place due to the competitive and sensitive nature of the career and they aim to sift through the candidates so as to get the best qualified ones in the particular fields.

LSAT TipsThe LSAT (Law School Admission Test) which is offered four times a year and is marked out of 180 points is also used to determine which schools the applicants will attend i.e. should you want to go to a top league school, you should aim to score very high marks on the test. The test takes three and a half hours and one is required to pay a fee before sitting for it.

The test is comprised of four sections (logical reasoning, analytical, reasoning, reading comprehension as well as an essay). The logical reasoning questions are about 50% of the whole test and they aim to see your ability to see through the flaws, assumptions as well as valid points in an argument. For the reading comprehension, you will be given long passages with the aim of checking your understanding.

Then there is the analytical reasoning which comes in the form of games and it tests your ability to relate things properly and come up with the best strategies. Lastly is the essay which is fairly easy for most people.

That said the value of all the questions is the same so prepare thoroughly to ensure you sail through and start with the easiest question first so as to get ample time to tackle the hard ones. Ensure you fill all the bubbles before submitting the test even if you are guessing the answers you never know you might pick a few right answers and add to your points.

18 AugKick Ass Defense Strategies

It takes hard work and determination by lawyers to win cases. Numerous defense strategies have been developed to help lawyers defend clients in court. These strategies are developed by experienced legal representatives who have a record of winning court cases. Here are the effective ways to defend a client in court.

Study the Prosecution Reports

defense strategiesPolice reports play a key role in determining the winner of a judicial dispute. Studying the documentation and reports that the police provide is one of the important winning defense strategies that an attorney should master. Prosecution reports provide a starting point with clues to areas that need independent investigations. Lawyers should take timeout and study the facts provided by the prosecutor as a way of determining if the presentation provided is fair. Police reports also provide insights that are important to know if the case is to be won.

Conduct Private Investigations on Witnesses

Conducting private investigations on the witnesses in a particular case brings about new perceptions that are crucial in determining the eventual case winner. An investigator who looks into the facts of the case and prepares cross-examination results into the motives will always have an upper hand when it comes to arguing facts during court sessions. Private investigations will also bring out the reliability of prosecution witness, which is important in determining the truth. Anyone who testifies against a client should also be on trial. The motives, the ability to remember and the truthfulness should always be on trial.

Research the Law

Laws always change from time to time. It is important that as a lawyer, you should always be side by side of the changes. Doing a thorough research on the emerging developments of the law is a defense strategy that provides ascendancy during court arguments. A good lawyer should look at the diverse procedural aspects to the case and come up with a strategy that will help in winning the case.

Devise a Theme for the Case

Developing a theme or a winning strategy that keeps the judge and the jury attentive plays an important role in winning a case. A good theme is one that captures the imagination of the judge and the jury, making them want to hear more of your argument. A successful lawyer should devise a consistent defense theory that will depict the weaknesses in the prosecution reports. A well represented theme will always outwork the prosecutor. File motions that are aimed at forcing the prosecutor to expose more on their cases than they initially intended. This is a winning strategy that can work out to your advantage if well mastered.

Prepare the Case for Trial

A Good litigator should always prepare a case as if it is going to trial. Even those cases that are believed to not go to trial should be prepared to the utmost satisfaction. This should be done even if the clients reveal that they have no intention of going to trial. It is important to remember that the more work a defense lawyer can force up on a prosecutor, the more likely the case will favor them. Outsmarting the prosecutor by piling up the workload is one of the few defense strategies that require mastery of the law process.

02 AugSix Steps To Courtroom Etiquette

One of the functions of a lawyer is to represent their clients in court in one way or the other. Other than their expertise, there are various aspects that come into play and which contribute to the overall success of a lawyer. One such aspect is courtroom etiquette and as seen below, there are a number of rules that good lawyers need to observe.

1. The right dress code

This is highly important for both male and female lawyers. As you select your outfit, you should come up with a combination that gives you a conservative and professional look. One sure way of knowing whether you have dressed appropriately is by asking yourself whether you can attend a business meeting or interview as you are. If the answer is yes, then you are on the right track. As you stand in front of the judge, your physical appearance in terms of your dress code plays a big part on how the judge perceives you. The right dress code will also help boost your level of confidence as you stand before the courtroom.

2. Always show respect to the judge.

No case can be heard without a judge hence the reason why their presence is highly important in the courtroom. For this reason, as a lawyer you should always recognize their presence and give them the respect they deserve. There are a number of ways through which one can show respect with the most important being: addressing the judge as “Your honour”. Another way of showing respect is by standing up each and every time you address the judge or while he or she enters or exits the courtroom.

3. Timely preparations

Plan yourself way before time in order to represent your client in the best way possible. Early planning will help ensure that you have as much information on the case thereby enable you defend your client accordingly. This will help boost your confidence as you argue the case to the judge and increase your chances of a positive outcome.

4. Switch off your cell phone.

While in court you should always ensure that your cell phone is switched off. This is highly important as it will prevent any interruptions while the court is in session. Having your cell phone ring while in court is quite disrespectful and shows a lack of seriousness on the part of the lawyer.

5. Speak in a clear and audible manner.

Be confident, project your voice and speak clearly. This will enable the judge hear and understand your speech. You should therefore keep this in mind and maintain a good pace while speaking. The best way to achieve this is through regular practice.

6. Note pad and pen.

This will enable you note down any additional important information that may come up during the proceedings and which you may have the need to discuss during your presentation. Noting down any new information will also enable you plan your speech. Having all your details noted down will also enable you stay within topic. You should also carry all the essential documents which will help you present the facts of the case.

By following these simple courtroom etiquette, you will be able to impress the judge. This may also have a positive impact on the final verdict.

13 JulRole And Responsibilities Of A Civil Rights Lawyer

Civil rights lawyers are lawyers who specialize in civil law. They work with clients on cases that involve human rights violations such as sexual harassment, discrimination and others. civil-rights-justiceSuch lawyers have education and experience similar to any other lawyer however they are more inclined towards a better knowledge of civil law. Civil rights lawyers defend their clients in a civil suit with the prime aim of winning monetary damages from the person, business or authority that violated laws on civil rights.

The job of a civil rights lawyer includes the following:

  1. Preparing and presenting the cases to the judges.
  2. Finding rules and laws applicable to the case.
  3. Finding out the precedents, if available.
  4. Formulating briefs.
  5. Filing appeals in courts.

The fact that violation of civil rights is an issue that gains huge publicity the moment it comes to light makes the lawyer also come to media attention. It is therefore necessary that the civil rights lawyer is well equipped to handle such media glare and handle high profile cases.

Here are few situations where a civil rights lawyer plays an important role:

1. Racial Profiling

Racial profiling is a violation of civil rights granted to a person. This includes harassment of individuals at the hands of police due to his or her race. In such circumstances, an individual has the right to file a suit against the officer or the agency that discriminated on the basis of race. Law mandates that a person may be detained by police for a justifiable and legal reason that does not include color of the skin. In such cases, a civil rights lawyer may be hired to prove that racism has occurred. He will be responsible to prepare the case, research precedents and argue on behalf of his client in the court of law.

2. Sexual Harassment

All men and women have been granted protection from sexual harassment by law. A civil rights lawyer is trained to protect the client under the Civil Rights Act. The lawyer will assist his client in proving that sexual harassment has taken place by providing documents and filing a civil suit against the employer. He will also make the client aware about the limitations on filing a sexual harassment case and the possible outcome depending upon the strength of the case.

3. Equal Pay Act

Under the Equal Pay Act, both men and women are to be given equal pay at the workplace. Everyone also has the right to ask the employer about the other gender’s pay for the same job. If it is found that the other gender is being paid more for the same job without any reason related to more experience or better education, the employer can be dragged to court under The Equal Pay Act and a civil rights lawyer will be able to help in this regard. He will be responsible to argue the case to prove the point that that the person has been discriminated against on the basis of gender.

Besides these there are numerous other situations where a civil rights lawyer has a lot of role to play. In situations where human rights have been infringed upon, it is wise to resort to the services of a civil rights lawyer because he will certainly have better knowledge and experience on the subject compared to any other lawyer.

13 JulThe Basics Of Being A Bankruptcy Lawyer

Working as a bankruptcy lawyer especially during the struggling economic periods translates to more clients. Bankruptcy Legal AdviceThe main reason for this is simply because, any down economy normally includes high rates of unemployment, more home foreclosures and also people being obligated to file specifically for bankruptcy. A bankruptcy lawyer has got many functions throughout the whole process of bankruptcy and can really help a client to determine the best and recommended courses of action. To add on that also, bankruptcy is considered to be a very complex kind of legal procedure and bankruptcy courts are well-known not to be tolerant of mistakes. In that case, even slight mistakes can cause a judge to dismiss a case or in other case cause a person filing to lose some important assets like a car or a home. Experienced lawyers usually ensure that there are no mistakes made and also client’s assets are well protected in accordance to the law.

One of the common important functions of a bankruptcy lawyer is explaining what bankruptcy means to clients. Before speaking to a lawyer, most of the people have got only a vague understanding of laws governing bankruptcy. They actually know that it can just help them to erase some debt, but in the real sense, they are not fully aware of the available options and consequences. Therefore, bankruptcy may not be the ideal decision in each and every situation.

During the bankruptcy process, bankruptcy lawyers normally handle each and every phase of bankruptcy process. According to Chapter seven bankruptcy, the process usually starts with an approved class purposely for credit counseling. Bankruptcy lawyer is the one responsible to set up an appointment in order for this to be done. After that process is completed, then it is the right time to prepare the petition and also supporting documents. Concerning that, the petition can be even up to 60 pages when it comes to length. Once the petition is fully filled, the creditors are normally barred from contacting the debtor. If in case the creditor contacts the debtor, a bankruptcy lawyer normally prevents that particular creditor from doing so.

The following step in the process is a meeting of creditors specifically with the trustee. Actually, the trustee is the one in charge of handling the important details of a bankruptcy case. The trustee normally makes necessary decisions in a bankruptcy case simply because the judge goes against the recommendations of the trustee in rare occasions. Apart from that also, inside the courtroom, bankruptcy lawyer can present a debt-reorganization plan in order for the court to approve. Their greatest target is to guide their clients away from the full bankruptcy. However, whenever necessary, they can also help their clients to file bankruptcy documents.

After the whole process of bankruptcy, a bankruptcy lawyer can also be more valuable even after the case is done and debts discharged. Bankruptcy lawyers can also provide some important advice and recommendations concerning how to rebuild credit or may be otherwise proceed with normal life after bankruptcy.